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"Working at Home"

For some working at home is a personal choice or a matter of convenience. On the other hand there are people with workforce disabling conditions and in an attempt at staying employed, working at home for them sometimes becomes more a matter of necessity.  

I originally thought about writing this working at home article specifically to help those with health related job impairments. But then I realized that all types of people today are struggling to find jobs. Some may also just want the convenience of a work from home job. So finding a work at home job could be beneficial to many people not just the health impaired.

Bipolar disorder can be very debilitating. A person with bipolar disorder could find themselves unable to maintain a job in the regular workforce. That is exactly what happened to me. I will discuss the reasons why, and also discuss how finding a work at home job became a solution. I will show you how you too can find a work at home job as well. 

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Bipolar and Employment:

Because of the progressive worsening of my bipolar disorder, staying employed had become a real challenge for me. Bipolar started interfering with the quality of my work, and my drive to get up and go to work. 

As a result of my bipolar, I was constantly struggling to keep up with the bills. I struggled and struggled to stay employed, so i could provide for my family.

According to a study published in the December 2005 issue of "Archives of General Psychiatry," both manic and depressive episodes can interfere with an individual's ability to work. Manic episodes can lead to bad impulsive decision-making and anger outburstsand depressive episodes can lead to a complete lack of drive. 

Keeping a job is not so easywhen you do not even want to get out of your bed in the morning. Bipolar started interfering with the quality of my work, and my drive to get up and go to work. As a result of my bipolar, I was constantly struggling to keep up with the bills.

Working at Home Works For Me:

Because of my bipolar disorder, finding a job that I could work at home, was becoming very important to my financial survival. I struggled many years to stay in a regular workforce environment. I eventually came to the end of my rope in that attempt, at the end of 2011. I realized I just could not push myself anymore.

My bipolar had progressed to the point I could not make it anymore in that structured environment. Partly, maybe even greatly the reason for this, was my failure to receive treatment for my bipolar disorder. At this point my solution was to search for a work at home job. I have bipolar, but I have to pay my bills as well.

Finding a Working at Home Position:

I dug and dug on the Internet, trying to find a work at home job. In my search, I came across a lot of companies that offered work at home opportunities. Many of these companies implied that untold riches could be made. A lot of these opportunities seemed too good to be true. Well, we all know what they say about that. I checked and they were.

I have sifted through all the over hyped, broken promised work at home opportunities, and it gave me many headachesFor those of you who too would benefit from working at home. There are legitimate companies available, as I found, that offer a chance to do so. There is a big difference between a legitimate online work at home job or opportunity and the unsolicited offers that often find their way into your inbox.

So I applied online to the legit companies I uncoveredand got hired by one of them within 30 days.These work at home jobs usually pay by the hour, although some of them are salaried positions. These are legitimate work at home jobs. I even did all the pre-employment screening and training at home on the internet. 

Work at Home Job List:

These are all customer service work at home jobs.

1800-flowers   service-800-inc   acd-direct   alpine-access   cloud-10-corp
partner arise   vip-desk   time-communications   channel blend  convergys-work-at-home
west-at-home  secure-call-management   micah-tek  accolade-support  hire-point  sykes

These are all work at home data entry jobs.

 axion-data   dion-data-solutions   driver-guide  virtual-bee  assistant-match

The above list of companies are known to hire people to work from their homes. However just because a company is listed here, does not guarantee that they are hiring at the moment. Take note that a few of the work at home jobs are regionally specific. Always respect the requests and requirements of each company you apply to.

Work at Home Tips:

Here are some tips if you decide to apply for one of the work at home jobs listed above.

  • Typing speed and accuracy will be a factor in a decision to hire you. So practice your typing skills prior to completing any online typing assessment.
  • Customer service professionalism and customer service problem solving skills will be tested. On all online and phone interview assessments of your customer service skills make sure to be very polite and professional in all your responses. 
  • All these work at home positions require you to be working from a designated quiet place in your home. Make sure on all your pre-hire phone interview assessments that there is no noise or interruptions in your home during the call.
  • Remember these companies are often contractors for big companies that are looking to hire people to work from home. They will be looking for professional, courteous and customer friendly people.
  • Most of these work from home jobs will require you to have a dedicated hardwired phone line (the one you only use for work, no personal use), maybe a phone headset (if you do phone work).  Cell phones, Skype, VoIP services and cordless phones are usually unacceptable.
  • These work at home jobs will most likely require your internet cable or dsl connection to be directly connected into your computer or directly from the modem to the computer. Wireless internet connections are less reliable, usually slower and more susceptible to connection problems.

Working at Home is Convenient For Me:  

It is definitely much more convenient for me to have a work at home job. With a work at home job you can literally just roll out of bed and walk a few steps and be at work. Although working at home is much more manageable and easy for me, because of my bipolar it is sometimes still challenge sometimes to handle the occasional stresses of a customer service job. Working from home however most definitely helps me. It also helps that my employer allows me a somewhat flexible schedule. I have been able to manage to get my job done, despite my up and down mood swings.

For some with severe bipolar, their affliction may prevent them from ever being able to work againNo matter how much they may want toworking in or out of the home is not manageable for them. In this case they should apply for disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). hope my bipolar does not progress to the pointthat the same becomes true for me.

Despite my mental health, and my still daily challenge with bipolar, I at least, no longer have the untold stress and anxiety, of trying to work an outside structured job. What a terrible feeling it gave me when I failed, and as a result, my bills were not being paid. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is very crippling at times, this I know.

If you are like me, living with the mental illness bipolar, and you still have to provide for a family you need as little stress in your life as possible. A working at home job has worked for me. Despite my mental illness, I'm still able to keep a job. Yes I suffer, with the mental illness bipolar, and deal with the many challenges that bipolar has brought upon my life. But so far, despite my mental health, I'm still able to stay employed by working at home. I am very thankful for that.

I am very happy to say, working at home has at least created some financial stability for my family. So although, I am not getting rich working from home. This is a real job, with a real weekly check that keeps my bills paid. What a load off my shoulders it has been.

Mouse with helmet on staring at cheese on mousetrap- moral of story is never give up
But there are many more challenges that a person living with bipolar often has to face. People with bipolar have the challenge of finding the right treatment that works for them. They often have the challenge of applying for and getting approval for social security disability.

People with bipolar disorder also have the challenge of dealing with unfair stigma against them, insomnia, and dealing with an increased risk of suicidal tendencies. Life with bipolar disorder is a life full of challenges.

Living with bipolar sometimes feels like I am in a war against myself. Living with bipolar disorder can sometimes be like not living at all. Life with bipolar disorder is extremely challenging. But never give up!

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